Who We Are City Media is a team of media and technology professionals with years of both media and online experience. Since their inception in 2006, City Media has proven results with a loyal and rapidly growing client base among both corporate and owner-operated newspapers across Canada. The City Media turnkey platform for the newspaper industry is made up of three key products - AdsOnline™, OffersOnline™ and ShopsOnline™.  We also offer custom solutions for larger clients. We know there's a lot to consider when selecting a strategic interactive partner. The number one reason our clients choose to work with us is our proven record of helping them build profitable interactive businesses. We have worked hard to assemble a talented team with a singular focus: Provide our clients with the best engagement platform in the industry and back them up with first-class service and support. We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help develop new interactive revenue opportunities in your market.   

Meet our team:

Katherine Haine (Wiggett)

City Media President and CEO

Katherine Haine (Wiggett) has dedicated the last 15 years to integrating the worlds of print and online. Prior to founding City Media, Katherine worked in all aspects of newspaper management including Director of Web Operations for a series of FYI websites launched by Canoe. It was during that time that Katherine learned the importance of having an online revenue model for local advertisers. more...

Sakibul Hasan

City Media Programmer

Sakibul Hasan develops modules and new product applications for City Media including the Ad Parser and the newest version of Shops Online. He is fluent in many web applications: Ajax, PHP, mysql, and Dynamic database Management. He has developed websites for IUT Alumni Association, Real Estate sites, Swedish Horse Racing and Online Shopping sites. more...

Tony Fronseca

City Media Client Ad Services and Production

Tony maintains the database of virtual ads for many large scale City Media newspaper clients. He is proficient in creating content text and graphics for all of our major clients. more...

Iftekher Chowdury

Software Developer

Iftekher Chowdury currently pursuing his PhD in software engineering at the University of Western Ontario (UWO). His research focus is in the area of requirements engineering. Iftekher has completed his MSc and BSc degrees in computer science from UWO and North South University (NSU) respectively. more...

John Ross

Western Canada Sales Executive

John has over 30 years of sales and management experience in the print industry. more...

Satbir Jhuti

Web & Graphic Designer

Satbir is responsible for designing our client websites. He holds a bachelor's degree in Information Technology from the University Of Mumbai. more...

Sherry Kidd

Sales Associate

Sherry has been involved in business development. Retail and manufacturing for small businesses. Has grown business of companys and increased both market share and gross profit. more...
 1-888-879-6085 Why should you partner with City Media? 1. You can start earning online revenue right away. 2. No interruption in day to day operation. 3. You keep the relationship with the customer and the brand in the market. 4. No need to invest in expensive technology and testing. 5. Full training and support. 6. Protect your revenue and your brand in the marketplace from new competitors. 7. No upfront fees 8. Build a stronger relationship with readers and advertisers in your marketplace 9. Build community content with events, geo-coded content and online products. 10. We only make money when you do!