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Follow Us:  1-888-879-6085 Media Specialists City Media knows there's a lot to consider when selecting a strategic interactive partner. The number one reason our clients choose to work with us is our proven record of helping them build profitable interactive websites. We have worked hard to assemble a talented team with a singular focus: Provide our clients with the best engagement platform in the industry and back them up with first-class service, strategic online revenue opportunities and continued support. Custom Solutions We are people pleasers. We understand that every successful business depends not only on a great product and sound strategy; it also requires reliable support when you need it most. That's where we come in. We're experts with experience in traditional media, marketing, and technology. We work every day with the same tools our clients do; we know the ins-and-outs, and we're there to support you when questions arise. Consider us your personal support team. Sales and Process Support City Media staff are a seasoned and passionate team. We are marketing and management professionals and we know what it's like to be in the trenches. We work hard to understand your challenges, help you define your objectives, and set you on a course to reach your sales benchmarks. We share our extensive integrated sales experience with our clients as they master the world of interactive. Innovation City Media believes in empowering our clients. We build tools that solve problems and unleash your sales creativity and revenue possibilities. We stay abreast of emerging tools and technology so that we don't miss new opportunities to enhance each and every one of our products. For that, we are very proud. Our smart, simple, and powerful suite of tools have made AdsOnline™, Offersonline™ and Shopsonline™  the industry standard. Why City Media? Media Specialists: Solid understanding and experience with local media increases efficiency and minimizes risk and errors. Focus on Results: Seamless ability to convert content to measurable "action" including coupons, ecommerce, auctions and click to call. Sales and process support:  Ability to manage sales process and provide sales support to ensure optimal success in market. Custom Solutions:  Continuous focus on client satisfaction and willing to create a custom solution to ensure optimal success. Innovation: New product innovation focused on increased/new revenue streams for companies who want to extend their reach online.