City Media's Adsonline software converts all newspaper ad types into fully searchable online ads effortlessly. Adsonline software is a fit for any size newspaper. Display ads are streamlined online seamlessly. Ads are 100% searchable both on your newspaper site and on external search engines including Google, MSN and Yahoo. Adsonline makes it ways for your online readers to buy from your advertisers.


E commerce and digital coupons covert page views to action with one click! Advertisers pay an additional monthly fee to have their ads link directly to a printable coupon, ticket or special offer! ShopsOnline provides readers with the ability to quickly locate deals and offers that are advertised! Advertisers can have their ads link directly to digital coupons, tickets or special offer!


City Media's Online Auction software is a standalone solution that is flexible enough to accommodate many different business models and supports individual branding. City Media believes that combining the thrill of an online auction, the bargain of a sales item, and the ease of the internet, online auctions are a perfect solution for any business type. Going once, going twice... Sold!

Gift Certificates

City Media's online software for electronic gift certificate sites is a unique online store that is suitable for any type of business! Picture a fantastic array of products and services at discounted prices all at your finger tips! City Media gift certificate software is a solid, safe and secure online revenue generating solution for all media genres. Restaurants, diners, hair salons, spas, hotels, services and retailers have all enjoyed the experience of being part of City Media's electronic gift certificate software. City Media will take you through the process from start to finish. Site design, ongoing maintenance and sales training are all included in the package!

Special Sections

City Media offers you the flexibility to place the ad content of any or all of your special sections, custom publications, niche products, magazines and brochures online.

Copyright © 2010 City Media. All Rights Reserved. Turn Key City Solution City Media converts traditional advertisements into high quality searchable web data. Online advertisements link seamlessly to action enabling transactions (coupons, tickets and e- commerce). City Media’s solution fits easily into your media organization with minimal disruption to current business Full customer service team that responds to  inquiries quickly and effectively For more information on how we can assist you please contact us!    1-888-879-6085