Iftekher Chowdury
Software Developer

Iftekher Chowdury currently pursuing his PhD in software engineering at the University of Western Ontario (UWO). His research focus is in the area of requirements engineering. Iftekher has completed his MSc and BSc degrees in computer science from UWO and North South University (NSU) respectively. He has several years of work experience as a software developer in projects following different development paradigms such as spiral, test driven development, extreme-programming, scrum, etc.

Iftekher's programming expertise includes web (e.g., PHP, XHTML, javascript, css, etc.) and database (e.g., mySQL, postgreSQL, etc.) technologies. He also has experience of working with frameworks (e.g., CakePHP, xAjax, Joomla, etc.) and social media (e.g., facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.) integration for City Media clients.


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