Katherine Wiggett
President and CEO

Katherine Haine (Wiggett) has dedicated the last 15 years to integrating the worlds of print and online.

Prior to founding City Media, Katherine worked in all aspects of newspaper management including Director of Web Operations for a series of FYI websites launched by Canoe. It was during that time that Katherine learned the importance of having an online revenue model for local advertisers. In 2006, Katherine founded City Media, a leader in world-class revenue generating web applications for the Newspaper industry. Since their inception City Media has partnered with both corporate and owner-operated newspapers across Canada and the US.

With its proven ability to generate new non-traditional revenue streams for newspapers, the adoption rate of City Media's media platform is growing quickly. The company prides itself on being an innovator within the internet product industry and continues to create and launch world-class solutions on an ongoing basis


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